Craft Menu

Listed below are some Craft Service Packages that we offer.

If your budget is lower than the packages that we offer, please don't hesitate to give us a call so we can try to customize something just for you and your crew!


  • For Craft Services, please complete the Craft Menu Form below.

  • * We offer drop-off and full service catering. Please call for more details * 


Customized Craft Service Packages also available.


Please Note: All payments must be paid in advance

Main monitor: $250.00 per 12 hour day (mandatory for craft service) 

Assistant monitor: $200.00 per 12 hour day (required for 40+ people)

3rd assistant monitor: $150.00 per 12 hour day (required for 80+ people)

Shopping fee: $100.00 

Equipment rental: $100.00 

Emergency Kit: $50.00

Delivery drop off fee: $100.00

* Additional hours: $20.00 for the 1st hour, $30.00 for the 2nd hour, $30.00 for the 3rd hour, $35.00 for the 4th hour and so on.